Heaven and Hell (from The Classic Crime’s “Phoenix”)

We’re all orphans here. All lost, and all alone.

It is not as though we were left fatherless. No, quite the contrary. We became orphans by our own choices.

God has never abandoned us, but we have abandoned God. The choices that we make prove that we’re not simply lost, but that we are leading our own one-man rebellion against the only Father who could ever love us like we need to be loved. We have defected from the safety of our Father, of our God.

While we ought to embrace His love for us, we’re prone to run headlong into the wilderness, navigation be damned, walking ever closer the edge of the unseen cliff, the mouth of the unseen lion, or the snare of the unseen hunter.

It’s not safe out here, you know?

No, there are enemies, both seen and unseen, just waiting to sink their teeth into you, waiting to entrench you further against the One who loves you more than you can imagine. Maybe you don’t believe it, and maybe you don’t care.

We are wanderers—waiting, watching, and hoping to find that one thing that will make us feel at home, but it’s just not there. We’re looking for something worth living for in a world that only offers death. We’re all seeking love, but we settle for the cheap imitation of lust. In vain attempts to better ourselves, we choose indulgence, withholding nothing in hopes to fill that void inside of us.

Maybe, for a while, there was a time of mourning, a time when you regretted having lost touch with your Father. But that sense of loss has been dispelled by your fear that He’s forgotten you, or that He doesn’t love you any longer. And instead of looking for answers, you settle for assumptions, resting in the erroneous conclusion that your Father doesn’t care anymore. Time passes, and you’re not a lost boy anymore.

No, you’re a lost man now, and a miserable one, at that.

Is this who you’ve become?




Filled with regrets and bitterness?

And worst of all, as you draw nearer to the end, you know, deep down, that you’ve remained an orphan all your life. The given number of years to settle your account with God have been squandered, and as you reflect back on your life, it becomes clear that you’re filled with only emptiness.

You have never met your Father. You have never found your home.

There are only two choices left for you: live out your days as an orphan, or embrace your Father and be welcomed as His son.

Between Heaven and Hell, you’ve got no home. None of us do. The short time we have on earth is little more than a road trip. We are only en route to our final destination. There are only two doors at the end of the hallway of life. Which will be opened to you?

The value of submission to Christ cannot be overstated. He has only the best intentions for you. The plan isn’t for you to wander in the wilderness, filled with a strange mixture of fear and defiance. Don’t waste your life, but find it in Christ. As children of the King of Kings, we are celebrated by Him as princes and princesses in His courts. All that He has is ours, so long as we wield the resources responsibly, and in accordance with the best interests of the Kingdom.

It’s a great arrangement. Just as my Father invites you to be His child, I would also invite you be my sibling. Won’t you yield to Christ? Won’t you be adopted by the King?

That was a single post in a series, celebrating individual songs from one of my favorite bands, The Classic Crime, and their album “Phoenix” (available here). It is my hope that whether you like the band or not, there will be something in the posts that will resonate with you.

I don’t intend to go through all 13 tracks, but I’ll be doing several of them. Among other things, these posts express my anticipation for their next album, scheduled for release in early 2017.

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