Let Something Good Be Said

You don’t have to point out to me that I’m not always, or even usually, the most patient person. As a matter of fact, I can be pretty irritable at times. The truth is, this has gotten worse in the time after Dad died. They say that anger is a normal part of grief, so I guess I’m pretty normal. I can go from chill to on fire at the drop of the hat. Truth be told, it doesn’t even take that long. I can kill a person four times before the hat even hits the floor!

All that being said, I’ll also tell you that while anger is normal, the levels that rage that I can find with ease are so very not healthy, and even flat out wrong. I’m aware of the problem, and I’m working on it. Is admitting your problem half the battle? I don’t know, because I still want so badly to ignore my problem. There are people who I’d rather punch in the face than greet with a smile. Fear of punishment is truly a good deterrent to aberrant behavior. Some people aren’t worth jail.

Okay, so maybe I’m over exaggerating. Then again, maybe not. I’m not exactly standing in a defensible position here. My attitude is real, but it cannot be here to stay. As they have said, bitterness is like drinking poison expecting the other person to die. Clearly, this is a bad idea.

Probably the most helpful thing concerning forgiveness that I have picked up is a matter of perspective. There is nothing that anyone can do to me that is a greater offense than what I have done against God. Because of this, any forgiveness that I offer is meager compared to the forgiveness offered to me through Christ.

So people who deserve a punch in the face, don’t worry. Grace compels me to love you, even though right now I think you’re an idiot. And by God’s grace, someday (hopefully soon!) I will not even see you as an idiot, but rather as someone in need of God’s love and grace, just like me.

This hymn is one I went looking for. You see, I need to be reminded that it’s not okay for me to be who I want to be. If I would only act in ways that come naturally to me, I would be a lonely and bitter mess. So I can’t take the easy way out. It’s only by way of the cross that I won’t be a total jerk. And with Christ, I may still be a jerk, but at least I’ve got a way to be better.

People will fail you.
Your friends and enemies will both hurt you.
You will let me down, and will do the same.
But don’t start a war. It’s not worth the fight.
You’ve been forgiven, and you should do the same.
Let something good be said.

Grace is sufficient;
Both for me and for you. So take it.
The blood of Christ can cover it all.
You’re never too lost to be found.
So with tears, weep over your wrongs, and
Let something good be said.

Bitterness may grab hold.
Turn your face to the cruel cross, now empty, and
Nail your sins in His place, along with those against you.
As you are forgiven, offer the same.
Instead of what is deserving,
Let something good be said.

The price is paid.
Jesus was beaten beyond recognition,
Then staked to a tree to die.
He is the only way out,
The only truth worth knowing, and
The only life undying to bring you
The only hope to make it, and to
Let something good be said.

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