Love Found Me

The love of God is too much. Seriously, I can’t even pretend to understand it. I’m unworthy of it. I was unworthy in my childhood, I was equally unworthy as a train-wreck of a teenager, and I’m unworthy of it now. The fact that I have accepted His love does not make me any more deserving somehow. God doesn’t love me any more today than He did in my past. Regardless of how many times I will screw up, His love will not wane or waver, and no matter what great things I accomplish, He couldn’t possibly love me more.

God’s love is unshakeable. Truly, since God is love, His love is as steady as Himself. Love is more than something that God does. It’s not merely His attribute. He is love.

With this in mind, He loves you just as much as He possibly can. The fact that He exists demands this love. It’s like a law of nature. God’s love surrounds you, infiltrates you, and infects you. The fact that He brought you into existence means that you are not only loved, but that you are a product of His love. Everything God does is an act of love. It cannot be otherwise. No matter what God does, no matter how you interpret it, no matter how it makes you feel, it is always an act of love.

Listen carefully. Not to me, but to that voice that calls from where you do not know, and from where you cannot go alone. Jesus is whispering your name. He’s crying out at the top of His lungs, proclaiming His desire for you. When the sun came up this morning, the colors splashed across the sky were for your benefit. When the cool breeze blows across your face on a hot summer day, count it as the voice of God. Every good thing that you encounter is an attempt, however small, for God to get your attention. The question is simply this: will you receive it?

God’s offer of love, of Himself, won’t be on the table forever. He’s extended Himself as far as He can go, and waits for you to come the rest of the way. God doesn’t force His love on anybody. That would be tantamount to spiritual rape, and that’s not how this works. Jesus made every attempt to reach you, and will continue to call out to you, just as long as you are taking breath. But eternity is where there is separation. While there is a true and literal Heaven where we can sing the praises of God forever, there is an equally real Hell, where there is no reason to praise God, and only curses will be on your lips. Worse than the flames, worse than the darkness, Hell is a place completely separated from the love of God. The suffering is most pronounced in His absence.

Today, I stand with Christ. He and I will scream, whisper, and weep until you see how desperately He wants you. Don’t wait, because you don’t have as much time as you think.

This hymn, “Love Found Me,” is quite an obscure one. I was unable to find the lyrics typed up anywhere on the internet, which is uncommon. However, I did find a short biography of the author, Henry Lake Gilmour. Born in 1836, he emigrated from Ireland to America as a child. He fought in the Civil War, was a prisoner of war for a time, and also worked as a dentist. He directed a church choir for forty years, and led many camp meetings. Surely, you would think that at the age of 84, he saw death coming from a mile away. Unfortunately, that was not the case. He was actually killed in a buggy accident.

He knew that death was after him, but it seems that it caught even him by surprise. He was secure in his faith in Christ. He knew where he stood. What about you?

In the darkness, from whence unknown,
A scream, a whisper, all at once, all the same,
Whispering, wooing, awakening,
Christ called my name.

I was stirred to life, removed from the grave,
Set upon a throne, and given a name: beloved.
I was chased, pursued, and apprehended
By love, and by grace.

I couldn’t sing enough to prove it,
I couldn’t sin enough to lose it.
The love of God is more than I deserve,
Much more than I can comprehend.

At the end of the race, my King awaits me.
I am my Beloved’s, and my Beloved is mine.
And with the countless mass, I’ll sing.
We’ll worship the Lord forevermore.

The original, along with the sheet music, is available here.

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  1. janet

    Enjoyed this one tremendously. Thank you for the sheet music.


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