There is a Fountain

I don’t dare call this an apology, because one should never apologize for being honest. However, I will acknowledge the fact that maybe my language last week was, in the words of my darling wife, a bit strong. So allow me this opportunity to clarify a bit. I have not killed anybody, nor do I plan to. Neither have I assaulted anyone, and not just because I don’t want to go to jail, but because it is wrong to punch people in the face.

That being said, I’ve found some freedom through my honesty. Yes, I’ve struggled with anger. Who hasn’t? The reality is that every one of us has struggled with anger, and probably with loneliness, apathy, pride, selfishness, and a myriad of other attitudes that can be characterized as sin.

I am a sinner. Am I proud of it? Not particularly. As a matter of fact, I wish I weren’t. But it’s true. I am a sinner, and I’ve done things that should make any one of you blush. Things like my attitude are one of my biggest problems, because if I can keep it to myself, it remains mostly unchecked. Jesus didn’t mince any words when He said that a man who hates and lusts is just as guilty as one who murders and sleeps around. Without question, Jesus has a pretty high standard, and I fall short of it every single day. On eternity’s death row, I’ve earned myself a cell between Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson. Thank God it’s not about what I can earn.

There is a fountain filled with blood, 
Drawn from Emmanuel’s veins;
And sinners plunged beneath that flood, 
Lose all their guilty stains.

Despite my best efforts to seal my eternity in the fires of Hell, Christ has offered me with an alternative. My sins against the eternal God were enough to send my eternal soul into an eternal lake of fire, but God, in His unending love for me, permitted (even appointed) Jesus to take my place. The blood of Christ is enough to wash the nastiest nastiness from all people and put them in right standing with God.

So let me tear up William Cowper’s classic “There is a Fountain.” This is a fairly popular hymn, and the line I posted above is a very well known one. However, I don’t recall ever having sung this song in church, and there is not another line that rang a bell for me. Hopefully, if this one is near and dear to your heart, you will find that I have done it justice. At least, I hope that’s what you’ll find.

The last drop of life has been shed
Into a pool large enough for all.
Dive deep, drink deep, drown forever, and
Find your life anew in His death.

The first to drown was a lowly thief,
The same who watched the Savior die.
He received his justice in his death, but also
Found grace, mercy, and life in Christ.

Two millennia later, this blood is the same:
No sin too great. No sinner too lost.
The Lamb of God died once for all, and
Once was enough for all to be saved.

Words alone cannot do You justice;
I can never live up to what You are due.
But someday, when I rise again eternal,
I’ll sing Your praises for all eternity.

Truth be told, I could praise God non-stop, at the top of my lungs, for a million years and still never begin to do justice to His glory. If we were to all scream His name until our throats bleed, we’ll still not scratch the surface of His awesome might. But it could be fun to try.

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